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Programme Items - Grade 5 - 6 (Soloist)


Acentos Oscuros

- Grade 5. Duration 8.00.

A powerful, brooding piece in minimalist style More Info

Blue & Orange

- Grades 3 - 5. Total Duration 7.29.

A song and dance for flute with wind band accompaniment.

  • LogoBlue

    - Band Grade 3; Soloist Grade 4. Duration 3.15.


    - Band Grade 4; Soloist Grade 5. Duration 4.14.

    More Info

Defrost the Fridge

- Grade 5. Duration 3.51.

A fast and florid Latin-influenced concert number. More Info

Heroic √Čtude

- Band Grade 3; Soloist Grade 5. Duration 3.40.

A challenging and exciting addition to the trombone solo repertoire. More Info



- Band Grade 4; Soloist Grade 6. Duration: 3.51.

Being a fine trombonist it was inevitable that Rob Wiffin would eventually write a winning trombone solo. More Info

Please note, titles in blue are live recordings, whilst titles in red are computer sound files and therefore the sound quality is inferior.