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Contest and Festival

Acentos Oscuros

- Grade 5. Duration 8.00.

A powerful, brooding piece in minimalist style More Info


- Grade 4. Duration 4.00.

A vivacious concert item. More Info

Battle Cry

- Grade 4. Duration 3.23.

Commissioned by Lieutenant-Colonel Kevin Roberts, Senior Director of Music of the Household Division for the Beating Retreat at Horse Guards Parade in June 2017. More Info

The Changing Sky

- Grade 3. Duration 5.05

A melodic overture of modest technical difficulty. More Info


Chase the Sun

- Grade 4. Duration 5.05.

A bright and attractive concert overture. More Info

Coach Ride

- Grade 4. Duration 3.06.

A manic journey on a bus – obviously not taking in the M25! More Info


- Grade 3. Duration 3.47.

This short Elegy is plaintive and dark in character. More Info

Feu de Joie (Fire of Joy)

- Grade 5. Duration 5.45.

A musical depiction of the rifle salute of the same name – in this case sequences of notes fired into the air in rapid succession. More Info

Golden Lullaby

- Grade 3. Duration 3.40.

A song-setting giving an opportunity for some lyrical expression. More Info

High Spirits

- Grade 4. Duration 7.14.

A bright and attractive concert overture. More Info

Hope Springs Eternal

- Grade 4. Duration 6.45.

A concert overture with interest and colour for the whole band. More Info

Light Music

- Grade 5. Duration: 11.36.

A suite of pieces focusing on different aspects of light. More Info

Lightning Strike

- Grade 3. Duration 3.30.

A stirring march with RAF connotations. More Info

New Beginnings

- Grade 4. Duration: 4.30.

An extended fanfare/opener. More Info


Pagan Ritual

- Grade 4. Duration 5.36.

An exciting programme item with musical interest for the whole band. More Info

Pavane: The Town

- Grade 4. Duration 2.50.

Ceremonial in style, with the feel of music from Tudor times, Pavanne: The Town is the first movement of a larger work entitled, 'Aylesbury Dances'. More Info

Phoenix Rising

- Grade 4. Duration 7.25.

A brilliant overture reflecting the strength and renewal of the phoenix. More Info



- Grade 4. Duration 3.40.

A vivacious concert opener.More Info

Red River

- Grade 3.5. Duration: 4.20.

A piece full of raw energy. More Info

Siciliana: Waterside

- Grade 4. Duration 3.05.

A graceful, tender and melancholic dance, cast here in a minor key and featuring the dark voice of the cor anglais, Siciliana: Waterside is the central movement of a larger work entitled, 'Aylesbury Dances'. More Info



- Grade 4.5 Duration 6.14.

A challenging work full of driving rhythms and relentless energy. More Info


- Grade 4. Duration 7.20.

A concert overture dedicated to the Chiltern Concert Band. More Info

Wake-up Call

- Grade 4.5. Duration 4.50.

An exciting concert opener. More Info

Please note, titles in blue are live recordings, whilst titles in red are computer sound files and therefore the sound quality is inferior.