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Siciliana: Waterside

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Contest & Festival

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This is the central movement of a larger work entitled 'Ayelsbury Dances'.

To balance the outer two movements, the middle movement of the suite has a slow lilting 6/8 rhythm. It is in the style of a Siciliana, a dance form originating in the baroque era. It is a graceful, tender and melancholic dance, cast here in a minor key and featuring the dark voice of the cor anglais. The Siciliana was often linked with pastoral scenes and Aylesbury itself sits amid some beautiful countryside. It may, therefore, seem a bit of a stretch to call this movement ‘Waterside’, especially as Aylesbury is so far from the sea, but the town has a theatre of that name and that was the genesis for this particular music. There is a statue of Ronnie Barker in the grounds of the Waterside theatre as he started his career in repertory theatre in Aylesbury, so I included a fleeting reference to the theme music of the comedy programme ‘Open all Hours’.


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