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Brass Band


Because You Asked

- Difficulty: Easy. Duration 4.19.

A tranquil euphonium solo with brass band accompaniment. More Info


Blue Jeans

- Difficulty: Medium. Duration 3.30.

A slow, bluesy trombone solo with brass band accompaniment. More Info

Coach Ride

- Difficulty: Medium/Advanced. Duration 3.06.

A manic journey on a bus – obviously not taking in the M25! More Info

The Musical Myth

- Difficulty: Band Easy; Soloist Medium. Duration 3.30.

An expressive cornet solo with brass band accompaniment. More Info

SAR Force March

- Difficulty: Medium. Duration 2.50.

A traditional march written for the RAF Search and Rescue Force. More Info


Shining Sword

- Difficulty: Medium. Duration: 1.48.

A fanfare for band written for RAF Bomber Command. More Info



- Difficulty: Band Medium; Soloist Advanced. Duration: 3.51.

Being a fine trombonist it was inevitable that Rob Wiffin would eventually write a winning trombone solo. More Info



- Difficulty: Medium. Duration: 3:48.

A selection of Christmas music recast in Riverdance form. More Info

Dancing & Drumming

- Difficulty: Medium. Duration 2.49.

Tylman Susato's Pavanne Bataille with contemporary rhythmic backing. More Info

Evening Hymn and Sunset

- Difficulty: Easy. Duration 3.20.

Recognised by all British servicemen as the end of day ceremony, this sensitive arrangement incorporates the hymn The Day Thou Gavest, Lord, is Ended and the Sunset bugle call. More Info

Fairy Doll

- Difficulty: Medium. Duration: 3.40.

A version of Bizet’s Farandole Cusing Christmas melodies.. More Info

Hejre Kati - Cornet Solo

- Difficulty: Medium/Advanced (soloist). Duration 4.30.

An arrangement of the famous violin solo for cornet and brass band. More Info

Hejre Kati - Cornet Section

- Difficulty: Medium/Advanced (soloists). Duration 2.50.

An arrangement of the famous violin solo for cornet section and brass band. More Info

Rampant Rameau

- Difficulty: Medium. Duration 2.50.

An arrangement of the Rameau dance from Les Indes Galantes. More Info

Songs of the Great War

- Difficulty: Medium. Duration 8.00.

A selection of favourite songs from World War One. More Info

Swing, Swing, Swing

- Difficulty: Medium. Duratio: 3.40.

A combination of It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) and Sing, Sing, Sing. More Info


To Her Majesty

- Difficulty: Medium. Duration 3.31.

A brilliant concert prelude based on the seventeenth century song Here's a Health unto His Majesty. More Info

Please note, titles in blue are live recordings, whilst titles in red are computer sound files and therefore the sound quality is inferior.