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Wind Ensembles

Orchestra Compositions

Shining Sword

- Difficulty: Medium. Duration: 1.48.

The orchestral version of the fanfare written for RAF Bomber Command.

Wycombe Fanfare

- Difficulty: Medium. Duration 2.10.

This fanfare was commissioned by High Wycombe Music Centre for a concert which combined all their ensembles.

Orchestra Arrangements

Pastime with Good Company

- Difficulty: Medium. Duration 2.55.

Rob Wiffin has taken this classic work – attributed to King Henry V – and given it an exciting yet delicate percussion feel which makes for a great opener – or closer!

Fanfare Band Compositions

Chase the Sun

- Difficulty: Medium. Duration 5.05.

Is a bright and attractive concert overture.

Fanfare Band Arrangements


- Difficulty: Medium. Duration 2.50.

An arrangement of the Rameau dance from Les Indes Galantes.

Clarinet Choir

The Sands of Time

- Difficulty: Advanced. Duration 9.49.

A challenging three-movement work: Shifting Sands, Serenade and The Dancing Lady.

  • Shifting Sands and Serenade

    - Duration 6.49.

    The Dancing Lady

    - Duration 3.00.