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Frolic: Ducks in a Row

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This is the final movement of a larger work entitled 'Ayelsbury Dances'.

It was impossible to write a piece connected with Aylesbury without considering the famous Aylesbury ducks. Duck rearing was a major industry in the town in the 19th century. The white Aylesbury Duck is a symbol of the town, appearing on its coat of arms and in the logo of the Aylesbury Concert Band!

This movement is all about trying to get the little darlings in a row so they can sing their ‘Duck Chorus’ together but they keep on scattering, flying off or swimming away as quickly as they can manage. It’s a bit like watching ducks disperse when my dog jumps into the stream after them. Eventually we get more of them in a row – even though they protest. Hidden amongst the ducks is a reference to Erica Miller, saxophonist and chairman of the band, and there’s even a veiled reference to a shark in the hope of getting them out of the water.

‘Ducks in a Row’ is a fun romp bringing this suite of Aylesbury Dances to a suitably celebratory conclusion.


Published by Shout Music Publishing

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