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Pagan Ritual

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There is no programmatic element to Pagan Ritual. It started out as a simple peasant dance and grew in the telling, rather in the manner of the artist Paul Klee's famous quotation: 'A drawing is simply a line going for a walk'. The theme gave me the opportunity to make some diversions in the use of minor thirds, but I set myself some clear limits – not to make it too difficult and not to veer too far away from traditional language. Beyond a little bitonality, the occasional harmonic piquancy and the odd rhythmic tweak, the language stays in the box. Apart from a few bars of digital dexterity the technical demands are not too extreme. However, when it was finished I realised that my simple peasants had become more frenzied and a little less simple as the dance progressed. Such is a pagan ritual.

Published by Studio Music Company

Scenes from Childhood

Recorded on Scenes from Childhood (Great British Music for Wind Band Vol.15),
Polyphonic QPRM155D Royal Northern College of Music Wind Orchestra.


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