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Leading Edge - 3 Movement Suite

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Leading Edge was composed for the Buckinghamshire Symphonic Wind Ensemble at the request of John Davie, to whom it is dedicated. There s no programmatic element to the piece; the title refers more generally to the tension in the music that is only finally resolved towards the very end.

(I) Prelude



The first movement derives most of its material from the small 4-note figure that appears at the beginning. It is nervy and rather terse. This is exacerbated by the frequently misplaced accents which increase the feeling of unease. There is only one brief attempt to dissipate the mood with a brief sojourn in a major key some halfway through the movement.

(II) Siciliana



The second movement does little to lighten the mood although the aggression of the first movement is replaced by the melancholy of the Siciliana. Again, there are attempts to alleviate the dark mood but the movement ends much as it had begun, with just a hint of peace in the final chord. The drums arise from underneath this and lead into the energetic, dance-like theme that announces the third movement.

(III) Finale



Although the use of minor keys persists in this last movement, the atmosphere is lighter. Before long the oboe introduces the theme that will go through a number of guises before emerging later in triumphant form in the brass. The foregoing tension is banished and the music ends in a spirit of positive affirmation.

Published by Studio Music Company

Wind Borne

Recorded on Wind Borne Polyphonic QPRM 153D


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