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Chase the Sun

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Light Piece

This concert overture was written while I was living in Spain and enjoying life in the sun – a rare experience for an Englishman! It is intended to be an effervescent and cheerful piece, enjoyable both to play and to listen to. There are no great technical challenges in the music but it is essential that the performers play with a firm grasp of the rhythmic nature of the piece.

It opens with a bold fanfare from the brass, giving the first statement of a theme that is to be used throughout. Once the broad opening is over the music has a feeling of energy and joy that drives all the way through the piece. The style is light and jazz-inflected and owes much to the compositional idiom of Goff Richards, the 'guru' of entertaining band music.

This piece has been widely played across Europe and has also been selected as a test piece for band contests.

Published by de Haske

Sword of HonourPacifica

It is recorded on Sword of Honour de Haske LC 1530 and
Pacifica Fentone Records FR 1-001-3.


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