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Black Orpheus

Wind Band



Band:3.5 Soloist:4.5




Instrumental Solo

Programme Item

Light Piece

Black Orpheus is a 1959 film made in Brazil and is particularly noteworthy for the bossa nova songs in the score. This arrangement takes two of the songs by Luiz Bonfá; Manhã de Carnaval and Samba of Orpheus, and uses them as the basis for this dazzling showpiece for flute. The arrangement was featured on the RAF Massed Bands Tour 2001.

An Evening WithFostival of Music 2001

Recorded on Festival of Music 2001, Polyphonic QPRM 139D
and An Evening with the Band of the RAF Regiment

Please respect the rights of copyright owners. Purchasing or performing an unlicensed arrangement of music is illegal. Permission for this arrangement was granted to the RAF only, and further permission must be sought before this arrangement can be sold. If you are interested in purchasing this piece, please contact us and we can make enquiries on your behalf.

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