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Light Piece

This arrangement was made for the RAF Massed Bands Tour in 2001. The featured songs are The Sound of Silence, Late in the Evening and Bridge over Troubled Water.

On the tour I had the luxury of using 3 alto flutes to play the tune in The Sound of Silence (1964) over some tuned percussion similar to that employed in his Brazilian-flavoured album The Rhythm of the Saints (1990), thus combining different strands of Simon’s creativity over the decades. I have always loved Late in the Evening (1980), mainly for the brilliant brass riffs written by Dave Grusin.

I was then able to finish the arrangement by featuring the RAF’s star vocalist Matthew Little singing the classic Bridge over Troubled Water (1970).

This version is fully workable without alto flutes or vocalist!

Please respect the rights of copyright owners. Purchasing or performing an unlicensed arrangement of music is illegal. Permission for this arrangement was granted to the RAF only, and further permission must be sought before this arrangement can be sold. If you are interested in purchasing this piece, please contact us and we can make enquiries on your behalf.

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