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Blue Jeans

Wind Band



Band:3 Soloist:4




Instrumental Solo

Programme Item

Light Piece

In 2008 the trombonist, Chris Jeans, was invited to be a featured soloist at a British Trombone Society event. He contacted Stan Kitchen at Studio Music Company to see if he had any new material for trombone. Stan then got in touch with me, as I had already written a piece for another trombone player, Brett Baker. This piece, 'Shout' was programmed for the same event so we needed to find something new for Chris.

The title 'Blue Jeans' came to my mind, thus linking a blues-style piece with the obvious reference to Chris's surname. I spoke to Chris and he liked the sound of it so then I had to go away and write a solo to match the title!

I managed to get a version with piano accompaniment done in time for Chris to perform at the trombone event and have now had a chance to complete the band version. Chris is a great chap, a good friend and a wonderful trombone player so I hope people enjoy listening to this solo that bears his name.


Published by Studio Music