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St. Lucia Calypso

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Light Piece

One of the most memorable events during my time as a Director of Music in the Royal Air Force was a visit to the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. My band went to take part in the 10th Anniversary of the island’s independence. We had a wonderful time, staying in a hotel by the sea and drinking lots of rum punch. Calypso music was everywhere and its beat was highly infectious so I went down to the local music store and bought some recordings of the local calypso bands to take back to the UK.

Shortly after our return I wrote my own calypso and entitled it St. Lucia to remind me of our visit to this beautiful island. I tried to catch the essence of calypso in the music and I hope that the sense of fun comes through to both the players and listeners.

Published by de Haske

We are the Champions

Recorded on We Are The Champions, de Haske LC 1530


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